For the Development of Creativity and View
An Enjoyable Program with Many Extras

In the circle, children familiarize themselves with the bases of photography during lively programs and field studies. Each activity is aimed at encouraging the participants’ fantasy and creativity in addition to increasing their comprehensive knowledge; (e.g. their fine coordination, capacity for attention, capability of estimating distance and proportion will all improve along with their skills for orientation, depth perception, and composition of pictures).

My aim is to arouse the children’s interest for their environment, teach them to view and not only to see in the course of a playful and leisurely activity. My purpose is to have the children discover their intrinsic values and open a new window to the world for them through the objective of the camera.

Those who would avoid the Circle due to lack of self-confidence are also welcome. I can assure them they will spend their time pleasantly here.

The Circle is held twice every month and admission is limited to a small number of people. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.