I am Bori Juhasz a Japanese, Korean language teacher, a professional photographer and upholsterer.

After my graduation in liberal arts in the fields of Japanese and Korean languages and obtaining my teachers diploma (M.A. degree), I decided to learn the trade of professional photography and later upholstery to keep the ballance between the intellectual and physical work.

My pictures were displayed in several different show-rooms. In addition, I also had five individual exhibitions. Because I like to deal with people, my favorite topics in photography are portraits of adults and children, public performances and weddings. I work hard to record those distinctive moments that are rare in everyday life. My aim is to present artistically the everyday life and its small pleasures.

My hobbies are, among others, traveling and globe-trotting and especially photographic recording of different cultures, people, expressions, gestures, behaviors, customs and anecdotal events. For me, photography is an unfathomable topic that always inspires me.

My detailed curriculum vitae (studies, work experiences) can be seen bellow.


1993 - 1997: Mihaly Babits Secondary School (Budapest, Hungary), Secondary School Diploma, 1997

1997 - 2000: Korean Language, History and Economic Studies at Budapest Business School, Faculty of Foreign Trade, Department of Oriental Languages (Budapest, Hungary), Medium State Degree in Korean Language and Foreign Trade, 2000

1997 - 2003: Japanese Language and Culture Studies; Pedagogy Studies; Communication Studies at Karoli Gaspar University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Faculty of Arts, Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures (Budapest, Hungary), Master of Arts - MA, Diploma in Liberal Arts and Teaching of the Japanese Language, with Special Certification in Communication, 2003

2003 - 2005: Photography Studies at School of Services and Handicraft Industry (Budapest, Hungary), Branch of Photography, Certified Photographer professional qualification, 2005

2005: Photography Studies at Fotografus.hu (Foundation for the Hungarian Photography, Budapest, Hungary)

2013 - 1014: Upholstery Studies at OKTAV (Budapest, Hungary), Certified Upholsterer professional qualification, 2014


2001 - 2002: Korean Language Studies, Foreign Scholarship for one year by the Korea Foundation; Yonsei University (Seoul, South Korea)

2008: Japanese language teacher training program (Kita Urawa, Japan)


2010 – Present: Lecturer of Japanese language and Korean language at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Centre of Modern Languages (Budapest, Hungary), Teaching Japanese language

2013 - 2014: Lecturer of Japanese Language at Karoli Gaspar University of the Hungarian Reformed Church, Faculty of Arts, Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures (Budapest, Hungary), Teaching Japanese language

2009 - 2010: Lecturer of Japanese Language at Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Social Sciences, Centre of Foreign Language Education (Budapest, Hungray), Teaching Japanese language

2007 - 2013: Teacher of Japanese language at Hunfalvy Janos Bilingual Secondary Vocational School of Economics and Trade of BGSZC (Budapest, Hungary), Teaching Japanese language

2003 - 2008: Pannon University Faculty of Arts, Institute of Germanists (Veszprem, Hungary), Teaching Japanese language and culture, Teaching Korean language and culture


2007 - 2014: Founder, leader, organizer of Korean Culture Club (Budapest, Hungary), Giving lectures of Korean culture

2007 - 2009: Lecturer of Japanese language at Net Travel Service Hungary (Budapest), Teaching Japanese language

2006 - 2007: Teacher of Korean language at Samsung Electronics (Jaszfenyszaru, Hungary), Teaching Korean language

2003: Internship of Japanese language teaching at Bilingual Elementary and Secondary School of Terezvaros (Budapest, Hungary), Teaching 50 hours of Japanese language

2013: NNG - Igo (Korean language teaching)


Budapest University Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Graphics, Form, and Design (lecture about Korean alphabet and syllables, 04.16.2013.)

University of Pecs - Medical school (lecture about South Korea, 05.28.2011.)

Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE), Faculty of Arts, Branch of Korean Studies (lecture about South Korea, 06.03.2008., 03.04.2008., 01.04.2009.)

Korean Cultural Club (lecture about Korean culture, 11.2007.-06.2014.)

Hunfalvy Janos Foreign Trade and Economic High School (lecture about South Korea, 12.03.2009.)

Hopp Ferenc Globe Trotter Club (lecture about South Korea, Japan, 2003.)

Hungarian-Japanese Friendship Association (cultural lectures, 2003., 2004.)

Interdean Kft.(Korean language and culture teaching - prepairing business trip, 2 months)


2001: Richter Gedeon Chemical Factory, Department of Public Relation, Practices in the field of Communication

2000: Budapest Bank, Downtown Office, Practices in the field of Communication

Private Teaching: English, Japanese and Korean Languages (20 years)

Interpretation: Korean – Hungarian (for KOTRA)

Translation: Hungarian – Korean; on assignment of the Mayoral Office of Budapest

Professional Photography:Events (wedding, jewel show, camping), Portraits, child portraits, Documentary from South Korea (3,000 photos)

Personal Secretary: assigned to a Korean business man for half a year.

Assistant at children summer camps (8 years)

Organizing programs

Language book writing


State of Teaching the Japanese Language in Hungary; Iskolakultura, XIII. 13-20, October, 2003

Translation of a Japanese folktale: Gadflies on Octopus Island (From The Dragon with Eight Heads, Alfabeta Publisher, Budapest, 2003)

Position and Role of the Japanese Language, as a Foreign Language, in the Structure of Teaching Foreign Languages in Hungary (Thesis, Karoli Gaspar Presbyterian University, Budapest, Hungary, 2003)

Translation of the booklet, The Mirror of our History: Budapest, to Korean language. (June 2005)

The past 11 years of Japanese language teaching experience. (Contemporary Japanology I, Karoli Gaspar University, L'Harmattan Publishing, Budapest, 2015)


DUNA TV - Equator klub (interview, with photo illustrations, 05.04.2008.)

PREMIER MAGAZIN - November 2005. (pg. 2., 15., 59.)

TRAVEL AROUND THE GLOBE 2005:Album of a Competition and Exhibition, p. 45. Photo Agency Co. Ltd., Budapest, 2005

KEPMAS MAGAZINE - June 2006. (pg. 50., 51.



January 4. – February 7. 2004.: ILLUSTRATED SOUTH KOREAN GUIDEBOOK (Kicsi @ Világ Teaház, Budapest)

February 21. - March 6. 2004.: ILLUSTRATED TRAVEL IN SOUTH KOREA(Pannon University, Veszprem)

September - November 2005.: IN SOUTH KOREA WITH A KNAPSACK (Karinthy Szalon, Budapest)

April – June 2006.: KOREA(Babits Mihaly High School, Budapest)

December 18. 2007.- January 18. 2008.: PENSILS - photograms(Csigatanya, Budapest)

November 8. - 30. 2008.: KOREA in pictures(Dum Kultury, Ostrava, Czech Republic)


November 19. – December 10. 2004.: International Youth Photo Exhibition(MAFOSZ Headquarters, Budapest)

March 17. - 20. 2005.: Traveling Around the Globe 2005. First Exhibition, Distinct Prize(Hungexpo, Exposition and Market of International Travel, Budapest)

March 25. – April 6. 2005.: Traveling Around the Globe 2005. Second Exhibition(MAFOSZ Headquarters, Budapest)

May 11. – 18. 2005.: Young Authors’ Exhibition in Prater Street School (House of Hungarian Culture)