I am Bori Juhasz: a professional photographer. My attraction to photography possibly dates from the first realization of my senses, at least according to my parents. From my early childhood, my favorite toy allegedly was a piece of heirloom: a camera with bellows that I often played with and consumed with preference whenever I had the chance - to my parents great pleasure. This early interest remained with me later on, of course, with developing seriousness. As a child, I quickly learned the basic skills of amateur photography that gradually became part of my life. I turned in earnest to the science of professional photography at secondary school, when I started to develop an interest in pictorial composition of my environment. Finally, this concern led me to the trade school in Prater Street.

After my graduation in liberal arts in the fields of Japanese and Korean languages and obtaining my teachers diploma (M.A. degree at Karoli Gaspar University, Budapest, Hungary), I decided to learn the trade of professional photography. I completed my studies at the School of Photography in Prater Street (Budapest, Hungary) like many others in the trade. Afterwards I continued my education within the frame of the Foundation for The Hungarian Photography in order to deepen my knowledge in the area of art photography besides my practical skills. I consider myself lucky, because I can depend on the assistance and advice of well-known photographers regarding my work. My pictures were displayed in several different show-rooms. In addition, I also had five individual exhibitions.

I spent one year of my life in South Korea and studied at Yonsei University in Seoul due to a scholarship. During this time, I widely traveled in the country and took more than 3,000 photos.

Besides photography, I teach Japanese language at Hunfalvy Janos Foreign Trade and Economic High School, and Budapest University Technology and Economics (BME), in addition to occasional translations and acting as an interpreter. I taught Japanese and Korean languages at Pannon University (Hungary) for 5 years and Japanese language at Corvinus University of Budapest for 1 and half year. I taught one and half year Korean language at Samsung Electronics Hungarian Corp. I taught Japanese language at Net Travel company for a year.

I also gave lectures several times at Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE) - Korean faculty, University of Pecs - Medical school, Korean Culture Club, Hopp Ferenc Globe Trotter Club, Hungarian-Japanese Friendship Association in Korean cultural subjets.

Because I like to deal with people, my favorite topics in photography are portraits of adults and children, public performances and weddings. I work hard to record those distinctive moments that are rare in everyday life.

My hobbies are, among others, traveling and globe-trotting and especially photographic recording of different cultures, people, expressions, gestures, behaviors, customs and anecdotal events. For me, photography is an unfathomable topic that always inspires me.

My aim is to present artistically the everyday life and its small pleasures.